Indoor Sup Yoga

Be part of the StandUp Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga revolution even without access to water with the new "Indo Yoga Board". Loughner Massage & Yoga is one of the first studios in the country to help you take your yoga practice to a new level of core strengthening and balance training by practicing yoga on an unstable surface.  Loaded with options and varying levels of instability, anyone can enjoy this practice and feel successful. Indoor SUP (StandUp Paddleboard) Yoga combines the fundamentals of fitness and yoga for a challenge to both the body and the mind.  Appropriate for all levels of yogis, beginner to advanced.

Below is a nice article written about Indoor SUP Yoga. But don't let the article scare you, at Loughner Massage & Yoga, we are an "all levels" studio that never goes above a students comfort and skill levels.


Top and Bottom of a Indo Yoga Board

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