Our studio focuses on both the therapeutic and wellness aspects of life. Both the yoga and massage center focus on being therapeutic for the physical body as well as contribute to the relaxation of the mind and spirit. Our highly trained team of yoga instructors consists of Registered Yoga Teachers through Yoga Alliance as well as Yoga Therapists who truly practice all the limbs of yoga. The Massage Therapists are licensed professionals who tailor each session to meet their clients needs.

We are honored and humbled
to be a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Studio

The Yoga practices we guide are inspired by many disciplines- from YogaFit which is a Vinyasa (FLOW) style of Yoga which is basically a moving mediation creating a balanced, stretched, strong body and mind. Our guiding principles are non-judgement, letting go of past and future expectations, knowing when to challenge yourself and knowing when to rest, so that just not while on the yoga mat, but in each precious moment of life we can be present... to be in the moment of whatever life hands us... and handle it with focus, strength and gratitude. That is living your Yoga.

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